Technology in Teaching and Learning: Shared Vision

Shared Vision
Regina Public Schools strongly believes that the division is responsible for preparing, engaging and inspiring its students to prosper in a rapidly changing and information rich society. This division is committed to attaining high levels of achievement and equitable opportunities for all students.  The strategic provision of and effective use of technology fully supports these priorities.
We believe:
  • technology can enrich, enhance, and transform teaching and learning.
  • the development of the skills, strategies and supports necessary to ethically and responsibly explore, connect, communicate, evaluate, curate and create knowledge is a continuing process and must be fostered at all grade levels
  • all stakeholders (students, staff, caregivers, community members) play an active role in providing equitable access to current, reliable and efficient technology resources and experiences.
  • in being leaders in educational technology and will continue to investigate, ensure and develop innovative instructional approaches using technology
  • being digitally fluent is vital to the personal, social and economic success of students and 21st century citizens.


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