Library Services

Library Services is responsible for cataloguing and preparing material for Regina Public School libraries. The department assists teacher librarians with the organization and inventory of school libraries.

In addition, Library Services oversees the Music Loft and works with Media Scheduling in regard to creating and routing resource kits for teachers.

School Library Resources

Curriculum Kits Borrowed Through Media Scheduling

    - Indigenous and Diversity Kits (Updated 10/2018)

    - English Kits (Updated 08/2015)

    - Other Curriculum Kits (Updated 08/2015)

Click here for information on how to book through Media Scheduling

The Music Loft


Library Services Staff

Jodi Terhorst – Library Technician

Darla Stroeder – Library Technician

Gail Tutossi – Resource Centre Assistant

Lorelei Paproski - Resource Centre Assistant

Marlene Lehmann - Resource Centre Assistant

Library Services staff may be reached by calling (306) 523-3155