DVD/Video Licenses

All Schools

In Regina Public Schools, films may be shown to students or to classrooms of students when those films are part of the instructional program. All films shown to students must be in support of Foundational or Specific Learning Objectives in Saskatchewan curricula being taught to students. Pre-teaching and/or post-teaching should closely link the content and effects of the film to what students are learning.

Teachers should also preview films to ensure that they are suitable to the age and understanding of students who will view them. Even a film with a general rating may not be suitable for all students.

Due to the recent amendment to The Copyright Act, we no longer require a license when showing educational DVDs/videos.

The following screening of non-education DVD/Videos are NOT covered by the new Copyright legislation and consequently these Rights MUST be legally secured from the Copyright Owner(s):

  1. Screening events for entertainment purposes
  2. As a “SPECIAL TREAT” for students during holidays or as a reward
  3. For FUNDRAISING activities
  4. After-school events
  5. For any reason that students are kept in during recess and/or nutritional breaks (i.e. lunch)
  6. Movies shown to students while teachers mark tests, create classroom activities, and/or lesson plans
  7. Any screening that is not for classroom educational and/or training purposes

For more information, please refer to the Copyright Matters booklet, at the following link: