Structural Innovation

Beginning with the 2009-10 school year, Regina Public Schools introduced Structural Innovation in 14 Structural Innovation Demonstration Schools across the division. In 2010-11, this expanded to include 32 additional schools. In 2011-2012, this expanded to include all schools.

Structural Innovation involves the implementation and actualization of new ideas which look beyond traditional education structures, regarding how to improve teaching and learning in the classroom, throughout the school, and across the system. These ideas are based on research, on evidence from both own and other school divisions, and on the experience of master teachers and skilled school administrators. These ideas, combined with similar innovative thinking at all Regina Public Schools will enhance the learning process and the outcomes of all students.

The four key innovations, teaching and learning practices, which are part of the Structural Innovation Framework include:

  • Flexible Teaching Arrangements and Instructional Groupings: Teaching arrangements and instructional groups which are regrouped regularly based on continuous monitoring which informs collaborative instructional and learning decisions within an interdisciplinary team of teachers and group of learners
  • Teacher Collaboration: Teachers meeting collaboratively in teams to meet the needs of each learner through the actualization of Professional Learning Community and Intervention First practices
  • Interdisciplinary and Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning: Teachers and learners working together to provide appropriate and quality instruction across grades and/or subject areas with a focus on student-centered and student-directed interdisciplinary and inquiry-based teaching and learning
  • Inclusive Practices: Meeting the needs of all learners within age-appropriate instructional groups in their own school through provision of tiered interventions and supports leading to successful achievement of developmentally-appropriate learning outcomes

Support documentation for Structural Innovation can be found below.

For additional information please contact Juanita Redekopp-McKeown - Supervisor of Instruction ( or 306.523.3136).