Social Studies

Calvin Racette
Coordinator: Aboriginal Education/Social Studies
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The purpose of Kindergarten to Grade 12 Social Studies is: - to help students know and appreciate the past, understand the present, influence the future and make connections between events and issues of the past, the present and the future - to make students aware that, just as contemporary events have been shaped by actions taken by people in the past, they have the opportunity to shape the future.
Outcomes and Indicators were derived from:
WNCP Social Studies Framework
Curriculum Standards for Social Studies - National Council for Social Studies
Canadian National Standards for Geography - Canadian Council for Geographic Education
Previously existing Social Studies curricula in Saskatchewan and other jurisdictions.
Inquiry in Social studies will:
pose new questions or explore existing issues or problems
make connections to prior knowledge (constructivism)
plan the inquiry process
access information using a variety of sources and considering diverse perspectives
evaluate alternative decisions and their consequences
make a decision or plan a course of action
take appropriate action.
lIn Social Studies and Social Sciences curricula, students investigate the worldviews of various societies and cultures in their inquiry to enable the achievement of the curricular goals and outcomes.

Treaty education is an important part of forging new ties. There must be an appreciation in the minds of the general public that Treaties are living, breathing documents that continue to bind us to promises made generations ago. This is why…government is committed to making mandatory instruction in history and content of the Treaties in the K-12 curriculum.

Grade Four Social Studies Agriculture Learning Kit

Regina Public Schools has acquired a Grade four Social Studies Kit on Agriculture. This kit is a tremendous resource for Grade Four. Social Studies. It is available from Library Services.



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