High School Science


Grade 11/12 Curriculum Renewal Documents 

Key resources include:

  • Grade 9 - Pearson Saskatchewan Science 9
  • Grade 10 - Nelson Science 10
  • Grade 11/12 - Biology by Pearson/Prentice Hall and Chemistry Matter/Change by McGraw-Hill/Glencoe

OH&S for Science Classrooms
Saskatchewan has a new Science Safety Manual: http://www.worksafesask.ca/science-safety

Science Safety Documents

MSDS Online
Disposal of Chemicals: If you have any hazardous chemicals or biological substances that require transportation and/or disposal, contact Shelley Brodziak (306.523.3130). Complete the following form and forward it to Workplace Health and Wellness for assistance.

Science Fair

Regina Regional Science Fair is an annual event for Grades 5-12 students. The Regina Regional Science Fair will be held in March, 2018. More information will be posted soon.

The following sites are additional resources to help students create a science fair project.

Science Accreditation Checklist

  • January 2016


  • All secondary science teachers are invited to attend the monthly Science Curriculum Advisory Committee meetings. We meet throughout the year on the second Wednesday of the month. Talk to your Core Leader about the date for our next meeting.

Teacher Resources