Elementary Science

Science Curriculum and Key Resources
Elementary science explores the subject matter of science including the theories, models, concepts, and principles that are essential to an understanding of the natural and constructed world. For organization purposes, this foundation is framed using three widely accepted science disciplines:  
Life Science     Physical Science      Earth and Space Science

English Curricula               French Curricula

Sask Science Curriculum - Units by Grade (K-Grade 9, Updated May, 2012)

Key resources include:
Pearson Saskatchewan Science - Grades 3-8

Teacher Resources
(October, 2012) Youth Science Canada has 4 posters to help students with steps to inquiry.


RPS Science Safety Manual (Elementary) 2016

Lending Services

Different kits are available to borrow from Lending Services by contacting Lending.services@rbe.sk.ca or Louise.Knowles@rbe.sk.ca

  • Grade 6 - Electricity     
  • Grade 7 - Heat and Temperature; Mixtures and Solutions
  • Grade 8 - Forces, Fluids and Density; Optics
  • Grade 9 - Electricity
  • Owl Pellet Kits (with real pellets to dissect with tools)
  • Magnets Kit (with books, magnetic compasses and 45 various magnets)
  • Pro-Scopes (for use with computer software)
  • Microscopes (with LED lamps) Space Travel Kit (with books, CD-ROMs and videos)
  • Star Lab - (with dome, fan, celestial cylinders, and a teacher's guide) Guide to using the Star Lab
  • Heat Kit (with items for experimenting with and a teacher's guide)
  • Lego Simple Machines Set (with small gears, levers, pulleys and wheels/axles)

STEAM Kits available for loan:  (To book these kits, contact Shayne McMillen(shayne.mcmillen@rbe.sk.ca)

  • Bee Bots - K-2 Numeracy, Literacy, Science Connections
  • KEVA Blocks - Grade 3 Science, Grades 5-8 Numeracy
  • Breakout Kits - Cross Curricular activities Grades 4-8
  • Ollies Coding kits - Grades 4-8 Numeracy and Science Connections


Science Fair
Regina Regional Science Fair is an annual event for Grades 5-12 students.  
The Regina Regional Science Fair will be held in April, 2019. More details will be posted soon.

The following sites are additional resources to help students create a science fair project.

Saskatchewan Native Plant Society

  • The Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan has recently developed lesson plans and other educational resources directly linked to the outcomes and indicators of the new K-8 science curriculum.