Grade 9 Mathematics

Ministry of Education website to access the Grade 9 curriculum
Grade 9 Curriculum "At-a-Glance documents include two documents: outcomes at-a-glance and outcomes/indicators at-a-glance.
Grade 7-9 Topics Across the Grades (August 2013)
Yearly Timeline Suggestions for Grade 9 (November 2013)
Grade 9 Numeracy Instructional Foundation and Alignment (October 2011)
Grade 9 Big Ideas and Essential Questions (2009)

Math Makes Sense
Grade 9 Math Manipulatives for Math Makes Sense, (unit by unit)
On-line Support for Math Makes Sense. Pearson has created on-line support for teachers new to Math Makes Sense. There are 6 sessions featuring a narrated powerpoint, and each sessions run between 10-15 minutes. Three of the sessions are specific for grade 7, 8, and 9 teachers: Math Makes Sense Overview, Planning, and Assessment. Once you go to this web address, click on "Launch Orientation Session".

English Components of Math Makes Sense: Student textbook; Teacher Pro-guide with CD-ROM and DVD; Preparation and Practice Book (Reproducible Edition and Teacher Edition); Extra Practice and Test Generator CD-ROM; and Solutions CD-ROM.
French Components of Math Makes Sense: Student textbook and Teacher Resource with CD.

Resources and Websites
Games from the Aboriginal People of North America Website (U of R Math Central) - games of chance
Grade 7-9 Numeracy Tasks were developed to help our students to become mathematical thinkers. Simon Fraser University created these tasks to help teachers create a learning environment to promote "mathematical thinking". These tasks require students to make decisions about assumptions they have. The role of the teacher is to help students decode the task, but then leave the students alone to problem solve in groups and solve the tasks.