Grade 8 Mathematics



Math Makes Sense

Resources and Websites for Teaching Mathematics

  • Using Cuisenaire rods to teach the four operations with fractions: check out this video.
  • Order of Operations - website from Learn Alberta
  • Math Manipulatives in Schools
  • Abacus International Math Challenge is a British website for grades 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 students. Students complete different math tasks and may choose to submit their solutions to the author of the task for comments.
  • Grade 7-9 Numeracy Tasks were developed to help our students to become mathematical thinkers. Simon Fraser University created these tasks to help teachers create a learning environment to promote "mathematical thinking". These tasks require students to make decisions about assumptions they have. The role of the teacher is to help students decode the task, but then leave the students alone to work in groups to solve the task.
  • February 2014: Check out this website for videos about teaching Grade 8 MMS content. 
    He is a teacher in Fort McMurray and is using the "flipped classroom" model. However, his videos are easy to follow and will be informative for both teachers and students in the classroom.