Grade 1 Mathematics

Grade 1 Planning Documents (2013) with assessing and teaching ideas, "I can" statements, essential questions, and rubrics. Thanks to everyone who worked on this project. We have provided a few examples of student activities you can use in "whole group, small group, and for independent practice". This planning chart is incomplete so you will need to add more “teaching” and “assessing” ideas.

Mental Math Strategies for Addition

Ten Frame Spinner - This is a cool spinner that you can use to help build number sense.

Outcome N1.9: Story Problems (January 2016)
Marian Small describes different types of story problems in her book called "Making Math Meaningful" (pages 106-107). Trevor Calkins talks about the importance of using a context that children are familiar with and include students' names to personalize the problems. You can use felt shapes on a flannel board or a math story apron (an apron with a horizontal strip of velcro and a few pockets) to act out the problems.  A group of primary teachers developed a set of story problems.


Math Makes Sense

Resources and Websites for Teaching Mathematics