Elementary Reporting

Student progress reports provide students, parents/guardians and  teachers with information required to assist students to recognize their strengths and areas of improvement.  Student performance is generally assessed in relation to grade level Provincial Learning Outcomes.

Reporting includes regular communication, both formal and informal, about students' progress. The communication is with the teacher, students, and parent/guardian for the purpose of recognizing and supporting learning. There is a recognized value to include students as part of the reporting process by helping to identify their efforts, accomplishments and their learning needs. This practice enables students to develop responsibility for their learning.

PowerSchool Parent Portal

To encourage regular communication between school and home regarding student achievement, PowerSchool Parent Portal is available for all students from Grades 1 - 12.  Parents should contact their child's school for information for accessing Parent Portal. 

Progress Report Support for Educators (PK - Grade 9) - This link takes you to a ProSchool site that includes screencasts on using GradeBooks, Progress Report downloads and rubrics that support the assessment of outcomes. This site is user authenticated and requires you to sign in using your system user name and password.  Then navigate to links as follows:

  • Staff (left hand side of page)
  • Assessment
  • GradeBook Support

This ProSchool site is organized to support teachers as they use assessment to support student achievement and includes screencasts and information on the use of GradeBook.