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School Program Offerings:  


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School Program Offerings:    

  • All enriched, modified and regular credit requirements for grade 12 graduation
  • Advanced Placement Program
  • French Immersion Program
  • Vocational Adaptive Program
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
  • Supportive Environment Program
  • TnT Advisory Program
  • Aboriginal Advocacy Program

Family of Neighbourhood Schools:

  • English:  M.J. Coldwell, Coronation Park, Dr. L.M. Hanna, Imperial, McDermid, Gladys McDonald, Elsie Mironuck, Ruth Pawson
  • French Immersion:  Centennial, Elsie Mironuck

Thom Collegiate is a semestered comprehensive high school offering a strong academic platform and complemented by a varied extra-curricular program. Thom provides "a safe and caring place for all to learn". Thom has the warm, caring atmosphere that emphasizes mutual respect between staff and students. 

What students say about Thom:       

“The teachers are friendly and really seem to care about us.”

“It’s a fun place to be!”

“It’s not too big—everyone knows each other.”

“Our Arts programs are awesome, especially the musical!”

“We have a new gym and it’s fantastic.”

“The shops are great—you actually get to use hands-on skills, rather than just reading about it.”

Academic Programs:

The French Immersion Program at Thom affords advantages to students who continue this program from elementary school. The Bilingual Mention Certificate that students will receive upon graduation will benefit them on a work resume or academic CV and provide excellent job opportunities in many national and multinational corporations and organizations in Regina and beyond. Bilingual education opens doors to learning other languages, offers cultural workshops in theatre, dance, music and creative writing and creates an opportunity for bilingual scholarships.  In addition, it provides enriching out-of-province trips for Grades 9-12 that grant first-hand opportunities to use the second language

Thom has a TnT Advisory Group (Trojan Time). Connecting with young people is vital to providing a quality education. This Advisory Group provides opportunities for students to develop a sense of belonging and a personal connection to our school. The advisors meet with these small groups each day and provide support and guidance to students throughout their high school years.

Extracurricular Activities:

Thom Collegiate offers a variety of extra-curricular activities. A well rounded Athletic program is accented by Trojan Pride. The "hall of fame" features some famous jerseys of former Alumni, including our very own Saskatchewan Rough Riders Neil Hughes and Stu Foord. Thom Collegiate offers an amazing and high interest Music Program, with over one hundred students in choir alone. Each fall, a traditional musical is a part of this Arts experience. Aboriginal drumming has been another popular new opportunity.  Possibilities may change year to year, but the significance of an enriched experience through extra-curricular involvement is valued and encouraged at Thom. 


The Thom Collegiate School Community Council (SCC for short) is made up of parents, teachers, students and community members who work together to support learning. The SCC gives parents an opportunity to learn about what's going on at Thom, both in academics and extracurricular activities. It is also an opportunity to meet Thom staff and other parents, something that's often difficult in a high-school environment.

Thom Students have HEART:

Thom Collegiate has raised over a quarter million dollars for cancer research. Among several organizations is the Terry Fox Foundation. Each year, this fundraiser is a source of pride for students to raise money and contribute to this worthy cause. Approximately $20,000 has been raised annually.  


Thom’s facility has many attractive features. Among these is a new fitness centre which is the pride of the school.  This new centre supports student health and well-being and students enjoy this center through classes, as well as on their own. The Practical and Applied Arts shops have also been a popular place for students to develop life skills and Thom Collegiate has placed high in the Skills Canada Competitions. 

Partnership with Campus Regina:

Campus Regina Public provides high school students (Grades 11 and 12) from across the division the opportunity to enroll in specialty two credit courses, and dual university courses. Each course is industry supported and features approved training that may not be available in their home school. Students will engage in learning opportunities with others who share their passion for a specialty field of study which better supports their learning as they prepare for the transition to post-secondary studies and the workplace. This opportunity is open to all high schools in Regina Public Schools.


Douglas J. Thom was born and educated in Ontario. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto and then studied law at Osgoode Hall. He was admitted to the Bar in 1903 and was appointed King's Counsel in 1917.  Mr. Thom was very active in the community. He served on the Regina Collegiate Board from 1913 to 1926 and was a member of the Board of Governors of Regina College from 1910 to 1934. He was president of the Civic Relief Fund and the first president of the Regina Community Chest.

Mr. Thom was the author of The Canadian Torrens System, an excellent treatise which has since become a standard text in law libraries across Canada.  In 1963 when this school opened, it was named after Mr. D. J. Thom.

Thom Collegiate
Thom Collegiate
Thom Collegiate
Thom Collegiate
Thom Collegiate
Thom Collegiate

265 Argyle Street N
Regina, SK S4R 4C7

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