Request to Present to Board

Request to Present to Board

As outlined in Board Policy 7 Board Operations, Clause 9 “Delegations to Board Meetings:”

9. The Board may make provision for a delegation to make a presentation at a Board meeting in the interest of improving the education provided in Division schools. Individuals or organizations may make requests for audiences with the Board.

9.1 All delegations wishing to appear before the Board shall be required to give notice thereof, in writing, to the Board; and further, in giving such notice, the delegations shall state the nature of the subject matter they intend to bring before the Board.

9.2 The Board Chair and Vice Chair will determine if the subject matter is pertinent to the business of the Board, rule on the request, and in consultation with the Director, determine the placement of the item on a Board agenda. The Director or designate shall notify the individual or organization.

9.3 In recognition of the governance model of the Board and Good Practice and Dispute Resolution principles, in the case of presentations by employee groups, a request to present will only be received after the subject matter(s) have been discussed with the Administration at the established discussion tables.

9.4 All delegations are required to submit their presentation in writing for inclusion in the Board agenda package.

9.5 Matters deemed to be of a sensitive and/or confidential nature shall be heard at a closed session of the Board.

9.6 Normally, fifteen (15) minutes is allowed for the presentation by the delegation. The Board Chair will introduce the individual(s) or group(s) and reserves the right to limit and control the discussion.

9.7 Delegations will be given a copy of this section of Policy 7 prior to their presentation. Delegations may be asked to leave if they do not abide by the procedures as set out.

9.8 At the time of presentation, the delegation shall confine its discussion to the purpose stated in the notice. It is understood that the delegation shall have a spokesperson.

9.9 In discussing matters with a delegation, the Board Chair shall act as spokesperson for the Board. It must be remembered that delegations come to express problems, make suggestions and requests, and give information thereon. For this reason, individual trustees may seek only clarification of items presented by the delegation. At no time during the presentation shall any trustee voice her/his opinion thereon; nor shall he/she, by any statement, commit the Board to any specific course of action.

9.10 Except in an emergency, the Board shall refer any action relative to the delegation’s presentation until the next regular Board meeting. Such tabling shall be used to give individual trustees sufficient time to consider the information supplied by the delegation. If the time between the delegation’s presentation and the next Board meeting is deemed insufficient for the trustees to gain the necessary information to make an informed decision, the Board may respond by delaying the decision until another specified, appropriate time.

9.11 Upon completion of the presentation, the Board Chair shall inform the delegation when the decision will be made. When a decision is reached, it will be communicated in writing to the spokesperson.

9.12 Individuals or groups who appear at a meeting of the Board without making prior arrangements and who wish to speak may do so at the discretion of the Board.

Please address your request to Debra Burnett, Deputy Director, Division Services, and Secretary-Treasurer,
and forward by mail to 1600 4th Avenue, Regina SK S4R 8C8, or via email by clicking this link.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Suzanne Shuba, Executive Assistant, Division Services, at 306.523.3018.