School Division Administration

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about your child's education, or about education in general, Regina Public Schools has answers.

We are happy to help. Here are some of the people who can help you:

Student-related questions

  • If you have specific questions or concerns about the education of your son or daughter, the first person to talk to is the teacher. The teacher can also give you more information about issues that are important to you and your child. Your child's teacher can be contacted through his or her school.
  • After contact with the teacher, school principals can answer most of the questions you may have. Contact your school principal at the school link..
  • If you still have unanswered questions, or need to understand school division procedures, your local school’s superintendent can answer your questions. Follow this link for a listing of Superintendents of Student Achievement. All Superintendents can be contacted by calling 306.523.3023 or by e-mailing Sherry Germaine.
  • Answering your questions and resolving your concerns is very important to us. Superintendents may refer your question to the Deputy Director, Student Achievement, Darren Boldt; 306.523.3015, or Deputy Director, School Services, Mike Walter; 306.523.3012.

Non-student related questions

  • Any questions that you may have concerning Human Resources and Staffing can be addressed to the Superintendent, Human Resources and Workplace Diversity, Paula Hesselink; 306.523.3059.
  • Questions relating to Finance may be directed to the Superintendent, Business Affairs, Bruce Lipinski; 306.523.3014.
  • If your questions relate to Media Issues or Public Relations, please contact the Supervisor, Communications (Media inquiries), Terry Lazarou; 306.523.3133.
  • If you have questions relating to the Administration and Operations of the School Division, please direct them to the Deputy Director, Division Services/Secretary-Treasurer, Debra Burnett; 306.523.3018.

All questions and issues

  • The Director of Education is responsible for Regina Public Schools and can work with you to satisfy your questions. Contact the Director of Education, Greg Enion 306.523.3017.

For general questions about Regina Public Schools, please
Call 306.523.3000
Fax 306.523.3031
Write / visit 1600 4th Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
Canada, S4R 8C8