Professional Learning

Professional Learning


Professional teachers learn continuously from teaching and improving their practice. There is a clear and profound connection between teacher professional learning and student learning — the quality of teaching and the knowledge, competencies and dispositions of teachers are powerful determinants of student learning. When professional learning is effective, educators come to know more about their students, their curriculum and their craft, making informed use of their understanding to improve teaching.

Professional learning describes an internal process in which teachers create professional knowledge. It consists of activities and experiences that increase the knowledge, understanding, skills and dispositions of teachers in ways that lead to ongoing improvement in teaching and learning.

Professional learning contributes to teachers and staff learning to do the right things in classrooms and schools. We understand professional learning as an individual good as well as a collective good. Its value is judged by what and how it contributes to improving the quality of teaching and learning in schools, to foster professional community, and to sustain educators' commitment and sense of efficacy in their work.

Professional Learning Opportunities and Supports

There are many professional learning opportunities for teachers and staff in Regina Public Schools.

Staff/Professional Development Support 2016-2017

A variety of supports have been developed to assist in the facilitation of Staff/Professional Development offered in 2016-2017.

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