Celebrations of Learning (Heritage Fair and Science Fair)

Heritage Fair


The Saskatchewan Heritage Fair Program is a multi-media initiative aimed at Grades 4-8 that supports interdisciplinary inquiry and understanding regarding Canadian heritage, culture, and history. Individual/groups of students, single/multiple classrooms, and/or entire schools can be involved which may/may not include hosting a celebration of learning, participating in Regina Regional Heritage Fair (RRHF), and/or having students selected to attend Provincial Heritage Fair (PHF). This year’s RRHF is scheduled for May 5 with PHF scheduled for May 23-24.

Those interested in participating in the Saskatchewan Heritage Fair Program are encouraged to visit Heritage Saskatchewan (CLICK HERE) and/or contact Kira Fladager (kira.fladager@rbe.sk.ca) for more information.  Participation registration opens on December 1 and closes February 6 (new date). Following this deadline, participating schools will be notified regarding the number of students each school can select to attend RRHF. Registration for students selected to attend RRHF closes April 3 (new date); therefore, classroom/school fairs should be completed by March 31.


Science Fair


The Regina Regional Science Fair (RRSF), in partnership with Youth Science Canada, provides a mechanism for students from Grades 7-12 to participate in inquiry, communicate their scientific ideas and process to professional scientists, receive constructive feedback, and prepare for advanced levels of science fair competition.  Initially, the science fair program is delivered via the classroom with selected projects advancing to the RRSF from the school level. This year’s RRSF is scheduled for April 6-7. A number of prizes are awarded, and the top projects are given the grand prize: an all-expenses paid trip to the Canada Wide Science Fair (CWSF). This year’s CWSF is scheduled for May 14-20 which will be combined with STEAM scheduled for May 18-20.

Those interested in participating in RRSF are encouraged to visit the RRSF website (CLICK HERE) and/or contact Shayne McMillen (shayne.mcmillen@rbe.sk.ca) or James Jo (ReginaRSF@gmail.com) for more information.