New Teacher Supports

Welcome to Regina Public Schools. We are delighted that you have joined our team and would like to share information regarding New Teacher Supports provided to all new teachers/teachers new to system in Regina Public Schools.

Prior to starting the school year, all new teachers/teachers new to system are encouraged to visit the document entitled New Teacher Supports: Getting Started. This document provides list of actions with related links and contact personnel designed to connect you to a variety of supports as you prepare and plan for the upcoming school year and/or position that begins mid-year. 

Once the upcoming school year is underway and at various times throughout the year for those whose position begins mid-year, all new teachers/teachers new to system  will be invited to attend the New Teacher Supports: Orientation. The New Teacher Supports: Orientation will welcome and assist all new teachers/teachers new to system in understanding the structure of our school division; provide an overview of New Teacher Supports; involve discussion of the Regina Public Schools Mission and Vision and values, Strategic Plan, Big Rocks, and additional prioirities; provide introduction and exploration of the Regina Public Schools Instructional Environment Model and corresponding Teacher Performance and Development Review; and allow for collaboration with a variety of division personnel who provide ongoing and support to new teachers/teachers new to system. 

Further to this, new teachers/teachers new to system whose contract is four months or greater will be invited to two additional Follow-Up Sessions that will supported through various ProSchool courses (requires log-in using RPS username and password). Follow-Up Sessions will:

  • Align with Regina Public Schools mission, vision, and values; strategic plan; big rocks, and additional priorities;
  • Address instruction, assessment, and intervention;
  • Incorporate First Nations, Metis, and Inuit; and 
  • Involve division-based ongoing professional learning and sharing aand school-based accountability.

For additional information contact Juanita Redekopp-McKeown - Supervisor of Instruction ( or 306.523.3136306.523.3136).