Tragedy Response Team Honoured

Tragedy Response Team Honoured

Deputy Director of School Services Mike Walter was recently honoured for his work as part of the Inter-Ministry Team that responded during the La Loche Tragedy.

On January 22, 2016, four people were killed and seven others injured in a shooting by a 17 year old at a home and at the La Loche Community School’s Dene Building. In response to this tragedy in the northern community, a number of people from southern Saskatchewan, including many from the education sector travelled north to provide support and assistance to the grieving students, family and community.

Mike Walter was part of an Inter-Ministry Team that responded. This team’s work was recognized with a Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Public Service.

The recognition specifically notes: “Under complex and challenging circumstances, your team successfully demonstrated collaboration, innovation and service excellence in the spirit of one team. The collective impact made on the people of La Loche is immeasurable and ongoing.”

The Inter-Ministry team included many public servants and experts from all over the province and from a variety of disciplines including educators and counsellors,  as well as health, justice and social services experts. 

The award was presented to Mike Walter by Chairperson Katherine Gagne at the Regina Board of Education meeting on May 23, 2017.