My Most Influential Colleague

My Most Influential Colleague

More than a year ago, Chris Keyes, Principal of Regina Public Schools’ George Lee School created a teacher recognition project on YouTube.  He called it: My Most Influential TeacherYou can see the videos here.

Building on that theme, this year, Keyes launched a variation on this theme called My Most Influential Colleague.  Basically, the idea is to feature two teachers with one of them highlighting why his/her colleague is so important/inspirational/influential to him/her.  Videos are one to two minutes in length and will be posted to a YouTube channel.  Both channels are connected to a Facebook page called Teachers Matter as a way of connecting the project to the bigger world. 

You can see the videos as they are posted here. My Most Influential Colleague

“This project was created to bring into focus all the positive work done by teachers and schools at a negative time in the education sector,” says Keyes. “Good people are doing good work every day in schools. Too often, both education professionals and the public may lose sight of the great work done in schools and the people that do it. These videos are a way to promote and celebrate that work in a very personal and positive way.  Education is a very human business and these connections are so critical to our success and the success of our students.”

Keyes also notes that the overall goal of this project is to collect videos from all areas of Saskatchewan and, to allow educators to give well-deserved credit and praise to their colleagues. The Saskatchewan School Boards Association has shared this information with all its member school divisions.

To participate, Saskatchewan teachers are encouraged to:

  1. Sit down with a colleague
  2. Get someone to video for you (or, if you have skills, do it yourself)
  3. Tell the world why this colleague is great in a one or two minute video.
  4. In the video, introduce yourself, introduce your colleague, talk about her or him and then give him or her a high five, handshake, hug, etc.
  5. Once video is made, forward to Principal Chris Keyes via email
  6. In the email, please include a brief background of yourself and your colleague: where you and what you teach, for how long, etc.
  7. Look for your video to appear online and tell your friends, family and colleagues!