Eight-Year-Old Hero Honoured.

Eight-Year-Old Hero Honoured.

Eight-year-old hero honoured

Regina Police Service School Resource Officers, RQHR EMS and staff and students of Rosemont Community School honoured eight-year-old Keianna on November 15, 2016 at a special assembly held to honour her quick thinking and bravery.

The story leading up to this ceremony reads like something from a movie. Keianna, a Grade 3 student was being driven in a car by her grandmother when her grandmother began having a medical emergency. The eight year old told her grandmother to pull over! She then looked through her grandmother’s telephone contacts and called her grandfather. He instructed her to immediately contact 911.

While on the phone with the 911 operator, Keianna got out of the vehicle to find a street sign to identify which street they were on. She then returned to the car and waited with grandma until EMS arrived.

Everyone is fine, thanks to Keianna’s quick thinking and brave actions. When asked why she did what she did, the eight-year-old said she was worried about all the other people on the road!

Thanks to Keianna’s bravery and to the quick response by EMS, 911 operators and Regina Police Service this is a great story with a happy ending.

Congratulations to Keianna and her family for raising such a brave, quick thinking individual!

Read a story about Keianna published in the Leader Post on December 15, 2016.