New School Open Houses Hosted

New School Open Houses Hosted

Between February 25 and March 3rd, 2016, Regina Public Schools held four sessions to inform parents, staff, and school communities about the details of the new joint-use schools that will be opening in 2017.

The sessions were held at the schools that had student populations that would be most impacted by any boundary or transportation changes, as a result of the new schools. These schools are Centennial, W.F. Ready, and Ethel Milliken schools. Administration and staff from these schools and from the school division were present. Additionally, administration from other schools that would also experience change participated in the sessions. These other schools are MacNeill, W.S. Hawrylak, Dr. A.E. Perry, and Massey schools. One session was also held at the Regina Public Schools Division Office for the benefit of all public school families and the Regina community. The new joint-use schools are in Rosewood Park, Greens on Gardiner and Harbour Landing.

The sessions had an “open house” format where guests could come any time and ask questions of school and school division administration on issues including school boundaries, transportation, school design and a variety of other topics. Over 200 people attended the sessions. Some families of infant and toddler children came with their children to find out more details about what their kids’ first schools would be like.

These sessions were also another opportunity for the school families and the public to submit names for the yet-to-be named schools. The Name Your School Campaign will be accepting submissions until March 24th. More details are available here.

At these sessions, school division administration heard and answered a lot of questions. For the benefit of those who were not able to attend, a question and answer document has been compiled. That document is available and will be added to as more questions and answers develop. The Q & A document is available here.

Moving forward, Regina Public Schools, over the next few months, will create three new web pages for the new schools. On those pages will be information relevant to those school communities and families who wish to send their children to them. These pages will be with the other school pages here.

Currently there is considerable information about changes to existing school boundaries that will take place in 2016 here, and in 2017 here. There is also a web page that links to the Government of Saskatchewan page that includes design details and live webcams of construction here .

If you have any questions about the new schools, please email