Project Update: Connaught

Project Update: Connaught

Project Update: École Connaught Community School Rebuild

It takes a lot of work to plan a new building, especially when that building is a school. The planning for the rebuild for the École Connaught Community School is almost completed and is awaiting approval from the Ministry of Education to proceed to tender. Once that approval is received, a builder can be selected and machinery can start digging on the school property on 13th Ave. and Elphinstone.

The project is still on schedule for opening in fall 2017 and design illustrations have been shared with the community. They can be seen here.

Regina Public Schools has built and opened a number of schools, most recently, Douglas Park School and Arcola and Seven Stones Community Schools. Pre-design work and consultation typically takes a considerable amount of time. If Regina Public Schools were to use one established design for every new school, then new school builds would take considerably less time. Instead, Regina Public Schools invests in a significant consultation process in order that school designs are unique and meet the needs of the school community they serve.

Consultations activities included:

  • School community planning session: October 1, 2014
  • School-based design committee meeting #1: October 8, 2014
  • Teacher’s Tour: October 16
  • Student Consultation: October 21
  • Cataloging and measurement of salvaged building components: November 21
  • School-based design committee tour of Douglas Park, McLurg and Seven Stones schools: November 6, 2014
  • Online ThoughtExchange survey: November to December, 2014
  • School-based design Committee Meeting #3: December 8, 2014
  • Community Feedback and Schematic Design Presentation: December 18, 2014
  • Student Consultation #2: March 26, 2015
  • Integrated Design Process Meetings: Ongoing
  • Informal and direct consultation with School Community Council: Ongoing
  • Energy & Sustainability/LEED Process: Ongoing

Since this time, efforts have been focused on the design and working to ensure that it accommodates the curricular needs of the school. At the same time, the school division has been working with the Ministry of Education to gain approval of all the design elements and to allow moving to the tendering process for a builder. Once full approval is received, the tendering process begins and excavation and building will follow soon after.

What’s on the site?

With the construction of any school, a sign is usually erected on the property. This sign is traditionally the responsibility of the builder and includes all the contractors’ logos including that of the Ministry of Education. Similarly, a sod turning or dedication is usually completed. As the builder has yet to be selected, no sign has been erected. Similarly, there has been no sod turning event.

Regina Public Schools, having heard the concerns from the School Community Council, will be taking the initiative and erecting a sign on the property in November. Similarly, the school will work with the school division to plan an event to mark and celebrate the upcoming next stages of the building of the new École Connaught Community School. Watch for details from the school.

Additionally, Regina Public Schools has also been working with the City of Regina to secure the new address of the new school, as the front entrance of the school will now face 13th Avenue, the new address will be 3515 13th Avenue. This information has been shared with Canada Post, SaskPower, SaskTel, and SaskEnergy.

For a detailed list of all the activities that have taken place, and for ongoing updates, please visit this page.

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