Shania Kids Can Clubhouse at Judge Bryant School

Shania Kids Can Clubhouse at Judge Bryant School

On Saturday, October 17th, 19 Judge Bryant School students who participate in the Shania Kids Can program were lucky enough to meet an international superstar, who is changing their lives, Shania Twain. 

The Shania Kids Can foundation aims to educate, inspire and empower children within local communities to achieve their full potential, increasing their chances of equality and opportunities for success.  There are currently 6 Shania Kids Can clubhouses running in schools across Canada in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as one located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The program is made possible thanks to funding by The Dilawri Foundation.

As Shania Twain told the students at the launch party, she created the Shania Kids Can program as a promise that she had made to herself to help students have opportunities that she was not able to have in school growing up.  She said had she had a place to go to like the Shania Kids Can clubhouse in school she believes that she would have been a more confident, independent and academic orientated student.  The students spread the ‘attitude of gratitude’ we have been practicing in the SKC club house , and gifted Shania with a gratitude jar filled with personal letters for her to read.

There are many schools within Regina Public Schools which offer additional programming/supports to its students, and the foundation wanted to have the opportunity to offer more students the chances to excel where programs didn’t already exist.  The Shania Kids Can Foundation felt that the location and demographic of Judge Bryant would give them the best chance to help students who need it most.

Programming will be holistic in nature, based around physical, mental, emotional and spiritual categories, which corresponds into the children feeling strong, smart, bold and empowered.  The goal of the program is to give the children opportunities that they may not have otherwise had if not involved in the program, such as field trips, vocational speakers, meal program, homework assistance, learning life skills, mentorship, etc. 

“My hope for the students is that having the SKC club house will give them a source of pride and confidence that will propel them to reach for their dreams - especially the ones that they didn’t think were possible,” said Program Leader, Tiffany Kearse.  “I hope that by getting the students involved in community service, athletics, art, cultural activities, literacy, and many more things will encourage them to be global citizens; children who become adults that positively contribute to their communities and change the world around them!”

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Speakers at the launch included: Regina Board of Education Chairperson Katherine Gagne, Ajay Dilawri (sponsor of Dilawri Foundation), Shania Twain and Director of Education Greg Enion.