Learning Science Through Song

Learning Science Through Song

CBC Saskatchewan reports on how grades 4 and 5 students at Henry Janzen School learned about science from CREATE Program musician and retired PhD, Don Waite. See the CBC's Tiffany Cassidy's article and a video here.

CREATE (Connecting Regina Educators & Artists Through Expertise) is a unique program which allows students to experience topics covered in their core curricular areas through Visual Art, Dance, Drama and Music.

All teachers in Regina Public Schools who teach grades 3, 4 or 5, are assigned a professional artist from the community. The artists work with classroom teachers, providing them with exceptional one-on-one professional development, by designing one-of-a-kind educational experience for their students.

Artists offer new and innovative ways to achieve increased Literacy and Numeracy. Artist visits also enable students to form relationships with professional artists from their community.

Each school year, 30 CREATE artists complete approximately 1,200 artist visits throughout Regina Public Schools.

The primary focus of CREATE Artist-Educators is to aid students academic success across their core curricular areas. The main objectives of the CREATE program are:

  • To enhance the academic success of students through arts-based learning experiences with a focus of increased literacy/numeracy.
  • To provide an equal opportunity for every student system wide from grades 2/3 to 5/6 to share a mutual experience through a variety of art forms, thus raising the global arts community of our schools.
  • To create effective collaborations between Regina Educators and Artist for the purpose of innovative education and onsite professional development in a variety of arts disciplines. The skills taught by CREATE artists may be used by the teacher in core subject areas throughout the academic year.
  • To enable artists to develop the tools and skills necessary to integrate their art form into an educational setting.