Career spotlight on women in construction

Career spotlight on women in construction

For those who may not be familiar with the Career Spotlight program, it is an opportunity for the Regina District Industry Education Council (RDIEC) to partner with industry to facilitate half-day or full-day career-focused experiences for Grades 10 to 12 students.

While the students participate in activities related to the career(s) being profiled, presenters provide students with information on career paths, what they do in their jobs, why they got involved in their profession, and what they perceive to be the challenges, opportunities, and rewards. At the end of this experience, students come away better prepared to make informed decisions as they work towards selecting a career that is right for them.

So far this year, the RDIEC has facilitated Career Spotlights with Regina Fire Protection Services, U of R Petroleum Engineering, and PCL in partnership with the Sask. Construction Association (SCA). Normally, spotlights are open to all students; however, on October 15th, the RDIEC facilitated a spotlight focused on young women only, in partnership with Morsky Industrial Services and the SCA. The female students were bussed to the Belle Plain Gravel Pit to learn about opportunities for women in the heavy construction industry. All of the young women had a chance to operate pay loaders, back hoes, large trucks and graters.

The participants came away from this experience knowing that there are no barriers to them accessing careers in the heavy construction industry and, in fact, industry wants them!

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