@HERE - High School Education Re-Engagement Program

HERE. It stands for Regina Public Schools High school Education Re-Engement.

Students experiencing significant attendance difficulties in high school may be referred to the @HERE program.

By exploring their interests and being supported through individualized instruction, students have the opportunity to re-engage in their education and transition back to their high schools.

Our Philosophy

@HERE, we take a holistic approach to education, which accounts for the whole individual. We believe in building relationships and using students’ interests, strengths and goals as the basis of student re-engagement in learning.

We strive to make curriculum relevant by creating individualized programs with the students so that they can explore the world in ways that are culturally relevant and meaningful to them.

Opportunities May Include:

  • interest-based learning
  • project-based learning
  • service learning
  • online learning
  • technology-enhanced learning
  • course completion
  • course continuation
  • interdisciplinary learning
  • collaborative learning

Applications for @HERE

  • School leadership and support teams at the home school will apply for student admission to the @HERE program.
  • Acceptance to the @HERE program may involve consultations with students, caregivers, home school teachers, administrators, and outside agencies.
  • Ask your school administrator for more information about the @HERE program.

Transition from School

@HERE staff work with the home school and the student for a smooth transition to the @HERE program.

At the @HERE Centre

Teachers and students co-create an individualized learning and transition program based on student interests and curricular requirements.

Transition Back to School

@HERE staff will arrange a seamless transition back to the home school by providing follow-up support.


@HERE is located downtown at 1834 Angus Street. Transportation options are available.

Program Staff

Angela Agarand

Dean Kakakaway

See the brochure here.

See the registration form here

For more information, contact @HERE at Regina Public Schools

Tel (306) 791-8664