Elementary Mathematics


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Have you heard about Krypto? Check out this great game from NCTM!
And check out Make 24 on Math Playground.
Check out "Show me your math".

Explore+4 On-line Planning Document (Thanks to Cory and Sharia!) - November 2013
Explore +4 is a structure designed to develop independence and stamina in math, created for RPS by Kira Fladager, Sharia Warnecke and LJ Dowell-Hantelmann.  We developed  Explore +4 by looking at the format developed by the sisters (Boushey and Mosher) from Daily Five, and including the problem solving focus found in our provincial curriculum.  Explore+4 focuses on curriculum (outcomes/indicators) and individual student goals. Teachers use explores from MMS with the whole class, and then work with small groups of students for the +4 activities. Teachers also have time to work with individual students to meet their learning needs, to conference and to set goals.

If you plan your own unit and would like to share it with other teachers, please forward it to shayne.mcmillen@rbe.sk.ca. We would like to thank NESD for their math rubrics since they are part of our planning template.

  • Grade 1, MMS, Unit 4, Measurement (This unit was planned using the new online template and information from the Grade
  • 1 Curriculum Planning Documents) (December 2013)
  • Grade 2, MMS, Unit 7, Data Analysis (Thanks to Monique and Isabelle, this unit is for both French and English teachers)
  • Grade 3, MMS Unit 6, Geometry
  • Grade 4, MMS Unit 3, Multiplication and Division (French and English) Thanks to Mandy, Jeannette, Tracey, Brenda and Barbara at Centennial)
  • Grade 5, MMS Unit 4, Measurement (Thanks to Kelly and Lana at Coronation Park.)
  • Grade 6, MMS Unit4, Angles and Polygons
  • Grade 7, MMS Unit 2, Integers
  • Grade 8, MMS, Unit 7, Data Analysis and Probability (French version is coming soon)

Grade 1-8 English and French DNA tasks are posted on the Assessment website and ProSchool. You need to sign into these sites to access the PDF files.

Teacher Resources

Teaching Mathematics

Grade Level Essential Numeracy Outcome Posters were developed with "student friendly" language of our outcomes and big ideas for mathematics. These posters are available for teachers in both English and French by contacting Carol.Kotylak@rbe.sk.ca in Lending Services.

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There are posters of "problem solving strategies" available in English and French for either Grades 1-5 or Grades 6-9. Contact Carol (Carol.Kotylak@rbe.sk.ca)  in Lending Services to receive a set for your classroom.


The Changing Landscape in Mathematics Education: A powerpoint with speaker notes about the changes in elementary mathematics

The Changing Landscape in Mathematics Education: A narrated powerpoint with speaker notes about the changes in elementary mathematics


Websites to Support Teaching of Mathematics

  • University of Waterloo - Check out this Canadian website with weekly math problems/solutions


  • Ontario Ministry of Education

    • MathGAINS - Even though the document is written for Ontario outcomes, SK teachers will find many great teaching activities to match our outcomes. They focus on large group and small group instruction, and share lots of ideas for using math manipulatives.
  • Other school divisions in Saskatchewan with math resources

  • Different addition strategies explained by students (3 digit numbers) (Thanks Cindy)
  • Fraction tiles, virtual manipulatives (Thanks Cindy)
  • Aboriginal Perspectives is a website on MathCentral that has support for the Aboriginal content in our math curriculum. These activities were developed by teachers. This site has content from the Grade 4 and Grade 6 workshops offered in 2011 as well videos, lessons and games that will support most grades in teaching their outcomes. (January, 2013)
  • Games from Aboriginal People of North America Website (MathCentral from U of R)
  • Grades 3-8 Math Makes Sense from Ontario includes links to interactive sites and resources. This site was created to match the Ontario version of MMS so it will not match our Western version, but it still has some great teaching ideas and interactive links.
  • zapple.ca is a website from B.C. with a variety of support documents for Math Makes Sense
  • Illuminations is a K-12 interactive website for students.
  • Figure This is a website with different problem solving tasks.
  • Virtual Manipulatives is an interactive website with a variety of manipulatives.
  • Video describing Number Talks