Communities of Practice - Getting Started

Communities of Practice - Getting Started

Community of Practice is a self-selected and self-directed group of educators who share a common concern, interest, or passion. Communities of practice collaborate regularly with a focus on improving and sharing one’s teaching and learning practices and experiences with the goal to improve student achievement.

Getting Started provides an overview of the process, actions, and timeline in place to support implementation and actualization of system-wide Communities of Practice in Regina Public Schools. 




Step 1

Promote Communities of Practice

  • Share website with administrators and staff

    • Overview

    • Getting Started

    • Roles and Responsibilities

    • Guidelines

  • Identify CofP Lead(s)

    • Elementary Schools: Principal and/or Interested Teacher(s). Note: Interested Teacher(s) involvement is voluntary.

    • High Schools: Core Leaders

  • Distribute information through Weekly Information Source and CofP Lead(s)

  • Support CofP Lead(s)

June - Ongoing



Step 2

Generate ideas for Communities of Practice that align with individual, school, division, and provincial goals, priorities and initiatives  and identify facilitators for CofPs.

June - September 8

Step 3

Submit Proposals for Communities of Practice

  • Staff wishing to facilitate submit proposals directly or through CofP Lead including a description and their name as facilitator

  • CofP Leads encourage staff to facilitiate and provide support in submitting proposals including a description and name of facilitator

    CLICK HERE to submit a proposal
    CLICK HERE to view proposals submitted

June - September 8

Step 4

Join a Community of Practice

  • Staff select a CofP

  • CofP Leads register staff

  • CofP Leads ensure staff are registered.  
    Note: In Elementary Schools, this is a Principal responsibility.


September 18 - September 22

Step 5

Participate in a Community of Practice


October 6, December 1 (Optional), March 9, May 18 (Optional) ... and any time in between!

Step 6

Share and Reflect

October - May





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