Learning about your contributions to student success

Learning about your contributions to student success

Since March of 2012, it has been a tradition at Regina Public Schools for the Director of Education to share, with all employees, the Director’s Blog.

As your Interim Director of Education, I gladly contribute to this tradition as I balance my “caretaker” role – until a new director is appointed – and my equally important role as an active and supportive member of the ACE leadership team.

I am very pleased to have the honour to be your Interim Director, and I have taken considerable time visiting and learning about as many of our schools and workplaces as possible.

For instance, since March, I have visited 14 schools and plan to visit all our schools prior to end of June.  I have also had the privilege of seeing first hand some of the work done by our trades people and those who work in Maintenance and Stores.

School visits have been a highlight for me. Meeting teachers and other staff in their classrooms and the bright inviting classrooms that they have created has impressed me. In fact, the work being done in the kindergarten classrooms I’ve had the privilege of visiting is most noteworthy! The success of students in later grades depends so much on this work, and I’m pleased to see the focus on our young students! 

The middle years PAA programs that I’ve witnessed taking place at Campus Regina Public and at elementary schools have also impressed upon me some of the innovative work being done in this school division.

Besides visiting schools, I have been working with your leadership team on a number of fronts.  Work on the implications on Regina Public Schools from the Provincial Budget, which came down in March, has been one focus. We have been looking at, not on doing more with less, but on not losing the momentum on some of the great programs and initiatives that are already underway.

Additionally, I have worked with the leadership team and high school principals on an attendance and credit attainment initiative that is currently being planned. I have also been looking at how our student achievement goals and strategies are being met both this year and into the future. Communicating our success stories and progress to date is an important step in the student achievement agenda.

The other key component of my responsibility as Interim Director is to work with the Board of Education. Some of you may know that I have worked with the Board on issues of governance planning in the past. My work with them now, includes not only the day-to-day responsibilities a director has to his board, but also go-forward planning for Board self-evaluation and planning for the next few years. The work done with the Board over the next few months creates a path for them to follow into the next school year.

Although my time here is temporary, I hope that I can contribute to the thoughtful, long term work that is being done by the very capable staff in the Regina Public Schools division  and that my leadership, along with that of my colleagues can help make this school year a great one for students.

I look forward to seeing more of you and learning more about how you are contributing to the success of every student in the Regina Public Schools division. Thank you for the work you do.

Ernie Cychmistruk

Interim Director of Education