Thank you and keep up the exceptional work!

Thank you and keep up the exceptional work!

Welcome back from your Family Day holiday and winter break Regina Public Employees! I trust that you are feeling renewed and refreshed, and are ready to step back into your role of creating the best possible learning experiences and environments for our students.

As I work through my last week of employment here at Regina Public Schools, I find myself feeling profoundly grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to be your leader and “lead learner” for the last four years. In that time, I have had the privilege of:

  • Serving a Board of Education that is committed to both quality governance and improving student achievement
  • Leading a talented executive team that is the envy of many other school divisions
  • Being supported by a Director’s Office team that is as committed as it is hardworking
  • Being surrounded by Division Office staff who are professional, competent, and caring
  • Relying on a team of school-based administrators who are thoroughly committed to providing quality leadership to their staffs and students
  • Supporting and being inspired by caring, committed teachers, ancillary professionals, and educational assistants who work on the front lines to identify and meet student needs and;
  • Relying everyday on the Facilities, maintenance, transportation, and custodial staff who keep all of our less visible services and systems running, so that our schools are great places to work and to learn.

As I head off to my new role in the Ministry of Education in the first week of March, I hearken back to the messages I shared about my beliefs about education in my first Director’s message back in August 2011:

  • Kids are Worth It! (Every student is worthy of our best efforts)
  • Teaching Matters! (Nothing affects students as much as the quality of the instructional process);
  • Leading is an ACTION Word! (Those of us who work outside of classrooms must actively and proactively support those who work inside the classroom)

My beliefs have not changed – but they have been strengthened by my time here at Regina Public Schools, for I have seen these beliefs operationalized and acted upon, every single day, in every corner of the Division.

And so, I take my leave, knowing that our 21,000 students are in good hands, and wishing you well in your continued “Relentless Pursuit of Success” on their behalf.

With gratitude and respect.

Julie MacRae