Thanking You for a Great Year

Thanking You for a Great Year

As we bring another school year to a close, I want to express the appreciation of our Board of Trustees and our Division Office team for the work all of our employees have done in the last 10 months.  Thanks to our collective efforts, close to 2,000 Grade 12 students will cross the stage to receive diplomas in 13 separate graduation ceremonies over the next week.

As they do so, they will quite rightfully be focused on achieving this important milestone and will in many instances be oblivious to our role in their success.  That is as it should be!  But I am not oblivious; I know and I want to acknowledge that their success is the culmination of hundreds of thousands of lesson plans developed and delivered, assignments and assessments given and marked, games, tournaments, and field trips fundraised for, organized, and completed.  Less visible, but equally important, are the thousands of work orders initiated and completed, hundreds of thousands of square feet cleaned and maintained, timesheets and paycheques processed, and the progress reports, staff reports, discipline reports, and incident reports compiled.

On behalf of all of our students, I thank you for the part you play in keeping our system running and making eventual graduation for all of our students a distinct and achievable possibility.

I also want to extend congratulations one more time to our retirees and to the latest inductees into the 25-year club.  You can find their names on page 20 of the June issue of INFO.

I look forward to seeing those of you who are returning next year at our back-to-school briefing in August.  The changes to the school calendar afford us an opportunity to “front end load” some of our professional learning and training opportunities for next year.  In addition to the back-to-school briefing for all educators with Damian Cooper on August 30th, the Superintendents of Achievement are organizing sessions earlier in the week for grade- and role-alike groups.  These half-day sessions are being provided in response to the work of Results Teams on Tuesday, August 27th and Wednesday, August 28th.  The focus of the sessions will be on Balanced Literacy and Numeracy Instruction, as well as Promising Practices to Support Transition, Engagement and Graduation.

More specific details of times, locations, and logistics will be available from your supervisor or principal in August.

Please enjoy a well-deserved summer break while you relax with family and friends!