Results from the Results Teams.

Results from the Results Teams.

With the end of the school year fast approaching, I thought I should update you on the work of the Results Teams that were formed at the beginning of the current school year.

In a series of 21 meetings with me, (supplemented by almost as many subcommittee meetings), 51 school-based personnel provided advice, did research, and ultimately generated 46 recommendations on what is needed in the Division if we are make progress towards the achievement of targets outlined in our Continuous Improvement Plan.   A synopsis of those recommendations is included here. And the full text of all the subcommittee reports is available at these links:

(Please note that these documents are the product of the work of the Results Teams. They are the intellectual property of Regina Public Schools and its employees. No part of these documents may be copied or used without the written consent of Regina Public Schools):

The recurring themes in the work of these four Results Teams, regardless of their focus, were as follows;

  • The need for improved communication about priorities and expectations
  • The need for ongoing and current professional learning opportunities
  • The importance of having clear literacy and numeracy frameworks for the Division
  • The importance of assessment in informing instruction
  • The challenges associated with diversity in the classroom

In a planning session held on May 30th, the Student Achievement Team, consisting of Deputy Directors, Superintendents, Supervisors, and Coordinators reviewed the recommendations. With a view to honouring the work of the Results Teams, they began the process of developing work-plans for the Team that incorporated the input received.  This work will continue over the coming weeks and two further updates will be provided: one in my final blog post of the year on June 24th; and the other at the Back to School Briefing scheduled for August 30th, at Evraz Place.  More details on this latter event will be available before year-end.

The participants in the Results Teams process are to be commended for their candour, as well as their commitment to representing their colleagues well. Their professionalism and commitment to students was evident throughout, and I found the opportunity to spend time with them both enriching and inspiring. The challenge now, for all of us, will be to translate TALK into ACTION, so that their efforts and their recommendations serve their intended purpose: to make our students successful.


I would be remiss if I did not thank the almost 1,200 employees who took the time to complete the Employee Survey back in April. While I have only done a very preliminary analysis, it would seem that the feedback from the survey corroborates some of the themes noted above.  Further information about the survey results will be available once my staff completes the analysis. And it too will be incorporated into our planning for next year.