Two initiatives to underline the positives and highlight the challenges.

Two initiatives to underline the positives and highlight the challenges.

As I pen this latest blog entry, I wonder if the warmer weather that spring promises will ever come.  I also reflect on how fast the school year itself has flown by, in spite of the length of the winter and the depth of the snow. In some respects it seems like only yesterday that I was welcoming you back to work at Evraz Place. In other respects, it seems like my promises to give you more voice and to engage you more fully in our organization were made in another lifetime……perhaps before the ICE AGE!!!

At the school division, this month we have embarked on two initiatives that are intended to honour those promises, and with your help, will contribute to creating the kind of work places and learning environments we all deserve.

The first is the employee survey.  Details of this survey were sent to all employees on April 8th. The deadline is April 22nd. If employees have misplaced the email or the link to the anonymous survey, please contact your supervisor.  

Why are doing this survey?  We want to develop a basic understanding of how all employees feel about their workplace, their interaction with colleagues and the general work environment. I care about what employees think about their jobs and their workplace. Work, by definition, is not synonymous with pleasure, but when we create safe, healthy and productive workplaces, we can reduce the difference, or at least blur the lines between the two. Work can and should be pleasant, if not entirely pleasurable!

If employees don’t highlight the challenges and underline the positives, school division administration will not be in a position to target efforts that will make every employee’s work life more pleasant. More importantly, if employees are not happy, how can we create happy, positive environments for our students?

Please take the time to answer the survey. Regina Public Schools’ employee work is valued and we will respect confidentiality. Help us make Regina Public Schools a great place to work and learn.

The second initiative is the Shared Values Recognition Program. The call for entries went out on April 12. Deadline is May 10. The survey that I just mentioned is our attempt to get better. The Shared Values Recognition Program is how we highlight and celebrate exceptional effort already demonstrated by Regina Public Schools employees.

This year is a milestone. It is the fifth Shared Values Recognition Program. Since its launch, we have seen 27 Regina Public Schools employees from all areas of the school division be recognized.  This year, employees, school community council members and partners have already expressed interest in nominating employees who they believe deserve recognition. Parents, students, the public and employees can also nominate employees. 

Please take the time to consider nominating an employee who you believe may be worthy of this recognition. Full details and a nomination form are available here.

Both the employee survey and the Shared Values Recognition Program have the capacity to highlight our individual and shared responsibility for being the kind of human beings that our colleagues and students need us to be here at Regina Public Schools. Together we can create the kind of strength in our Division that renders our individual weaknesses irrelevant. I encourage employees to participate in both these important initiatives. I also welcome parents and the public to voice their praise of exceptional employees through the Shared Values Recognition Program.

Looking forward to the warmer days and a bright future for all of us!

Julie MacRae

Director of Education.