Welcome to our new Board of Education

Welcome to our new Board of Education

You will hear a lot from me about the importance of what goes on in the schools. From teaching to administration to support and maintenance staff, our collective goal is the best possible educational experience and successful graduation for our students.

Another extremely important contributor to the success of our students is the governance of our school division by our locally elected Board of Education. Through their policy making, advocacy efforts, and resource allocation decisions, they provide guidance, oversight, and support for the work of both division administration and our school-based personnel.

On October 24, the public school electors chose seven individuals to assume the responsibility of both representing them and overseeing the education of their children for the next four years.  I would like to welcome on behalf of the school division, three new trustees who will help introduce some fresh ideas, new energy and representation of the public stakeholders in our city. They will join four incumbents whose experience and commitment have already served our system well.


Dr. Jane Ekong – (elected) Subdivision 1

Aleana Young – (elected) Subdivision 2

Dale West – (re-elected) Subdivision 3

Cindy Anderson – (re-elected) Subdivision 4

Carla Beck – (by acclamation) Subdivision 5 

Katherine Gagne – (re-elected) Subdivision 6

Dr. Kathleen O’Reilly – (elected) Subdivision 7

Please make these Board members welcome at your school events.

On November 6, 2012, the new Board gathered for the first time at the Organizational Meeting. At that meeting, Katherine Gagne was acclaimed as Chairperson, a position she held last term, as well. Trustee Carla Beck was elected as Vice-Chairperson. I’m looking forward to working closely with both of these caring and insightful women, as we move the school division towards fulfilling its priorities.

At that meeting, we also set the dates for this year’s Board meetings. I invite all Regina Public Schools employees to attend a meeting or two and to see, first hand, the Board of Education at work. You can learn about the Board meeting dates and more information about the Board of Education at this link.

In closing, I would also like to thank outgoing trustees Angela Fraser, Tim Stobbs and Dr. Barbara Young for their many years of service and their stellar commitment to the students of Regina Public Schools.