More results...from Results Teams

More results...from Results Teams

More Results...From Results Teams

The Early Learning Results Team, as well as the Grades Seven through Nine Transition and Results Team each held their first meetings in October.  I am delighted to say that the energy and forthrightness that characterized the first Grades 10 through 12 team meeting were also features of these two.  The participants of both teams represented their perspectives and their colleagues exceedingly well.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the review of the feedback submitted by teachers on August 30 at Evraz Place did not yield any significant differences from the themes reported to you last month.  Teachers and principals at all levels are concerned about:

  • disruptions and distractions that interfere with or minimize instructional time
  •  the diversity of our student population
  • getting our assessment practises “right”.

Teachers and principals are also eloquent about their desire to do a good job in their classrooms, and to have their professional expertise both valued and validated.

Similarly, the newly formed Director’s Technology Advisory Committee met for the first time in mid October. It has as its primary mandate the development of a new Technology Plan for the Division. The “DTAC” features representation from both elementary and high schools and a variety of school division departments. Through this committee, it is hoped that we can develop a plan for our Division that:

  • Supports the goals and targets outlined in the Continuous Improvement Plan
  • Supports the Board’s direction with respect to improved communication and employee engagement
  • Incorporates research on Twenty-First Century Learning
  • Is inclusive and considers the needs of all learners
  • Enhances the efficiency, effectiveness, security, and interface of the Division’s business processes
  • Identifies the training needs of all employee groups with respect to technology use
  • Quantifies the cost of any initiatives arising from the plan
  • Is both flexible and continuously reviewed in keeping with the rapid pace of change.

With collaboration and teamwork, as exemplified by these newly-formed working groups, and with clear, pragmatic, and student-centred planning at all levels of our organization, I am confident we can create for all our students the kind of futures they deserve.

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