Important work ahead!

Important work ahead!

With the excitement and anxiety of school start-up behind us, it is now time to settle in and begin the important work of making our students successful. 

I am happy to report that the membership of the Division Results Teams have been finalized and the first meeting of each of them either  has been held or is scheduled in the coming weeks.  A special thanks to Patrick Maze for his assistance in identifying representatives for these teams.  The membership of each of these teams, as well as the Director's Technology Advisory Committee can be found on this link.

Review and analysis of the feedback from our Back To School Briefing is still underway. My own preliminary review of the information from the Grade 10 through 12 participants revealed some interesting answers to the question about what we need permission to stop doing.

Among them:

  • Over-Emphasizing Extra-curricular Activities both as an expectation of individual teachers and as a factor in the staffing process.
  • Advisory Groups and other interruptions to instructional time.
  • Curriculum: Too many outcomes, too many revisions/or Implementing without Pilots or Evaluation Grouping Students only by Age (Grade), Paperwork and other Administrative or Clerical Work Being expected to teach outside our area of expertise,  CAP, OCA, RAD and Marking it on PD days, Assignment of Incompletes/Lowering Expectations,  Using only Academics to Measure Success/Assessing Behaviour Instead of Achievement,  Open Boundaries for High Schools

Some of these items were common themes, others were mentioned only once. And some of them appear to contradict each other, which is to be expected given the diversity of our professional workforce. Superintendent Darren Boldt, Deputy Director Greg Enion, and our Achievement Teams will be working with principals and staffs in our high schools to facilitate dialogue and generate solutions to the issues raised. 

Personally, I want to thank you for your candour and ask for your patience as we work together to resolve some of the obstacles to student success.

Shared Values Recognition Program

I would be remiss if I did not use this opportunity to congratulate the eight Regina Public School Employees who were recent recipients of our Shared Values Recognition. More information about them is found here, but thank you again for all you have done to exemplify our Shared Values of I Respect, I am Responsible, I Belong and I Want to Know.

  • Ken Bolton, Chief Shipper/Receiver, Stores.
  • Dane Bonneville, Admin. Assistant to the VP, Martin Collegiate
  • Blayne Bosley, Developmental Classroom Teacher, Winston Knoll Collegiate
  • Joni Darke, Learning Resource Teacher, Elsie Mironuck Community School
  • Lee Millar, Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Donna Pym, Principal of Janzen School
  • Robin Ross, Community Coordinator, Judge Bryant School
  • Robert Slykhuis, Math Teacher, Campbell Collegiate.