Welcome to the 2012-2013 School Year!

Welcome to the 2012-2013 School Year!

Welcome to the 2012-2013 School Year!

Thank you to all employees who participated in the August 31st back-to-school meeting. I appreciated the opportunity to gather everyone in one place to share the direction our school division is taking over the next five years.

I hope that this was also a good environment for all employees (even though we were a little cramped) to share, interact and learn side by side with colleagues. I know that I learned plenty about school-level issues and the importance of always refocusing what we do for the benefit of all Regina Public Schools students.

The start of a new school year is a time of optimism and hope for students, parents/guardians, and employees alike! This year is no exception – as we head back to classrooms and offices with a firm commitment (perhaps even a resolution?) to do better, be better, learn better.

As we embark on this journey to do our personal and collective best for and with our students, I’d like to remind you again, as I outlined at the back-to-school meeting, of the Gallup Corporation research. It showed that there are 12 Elements that determine whether a workplace (or a classroom!) is a good place to be.  Those elements are the ability to say:

  1. I know what is expected of me at work.
  2. I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right.
  3. At work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day.
  4. In the last seven days, I have received recognition or praise for doing good work.
  5. My supervisor, or someone at work, seems to care about me as a person.
  6. There is someone at work who encourages my development.
  7. At work, my opinions seem to count.
  8. The mission or purpose of my company makes me feel my job is important.
  9. My associates or fellow employees are committed to doing quality work.
  10. I have a best friend at work.
  11. In the last six months, someone at work has talked to me about my progress.
  12. This last year, I have had opportunity at work to learn and grow.

I encourage all employees to consider these 12 Elements in how they themselves interact with their colleagues, with their supervisors and staff and, most of all, how we all interact with students, parents/guardians and the public.  These 12 Elements make a useful and accessible framework for making our school division a great place to work – and learn!  They especially resonate with our Shared Values statements here at Regina Public Schools and, thus, are offered once again as one possible means by which we might all achieve our “new school year resolutions.”

A great personal experience in school is an important part of a great educational outcome for students…it is also a big part of personal and professional fulfillment in our jobs.

My presentation from the back-to-school meeting is available at this link.  I encourage you to find something in it that resonates with you as you work to build an exceptional school year for Regina Public Schools students.


The 12 Elements referenced was first published in 1999 in a book entitled First, Break All the Rules by Markus Buckingham and Curt Coffman.