Organizational Changes at Regina Public Schools

Organizational Changes at Regina Public Schools

Message from the Director of Education

As the 2011-2012 school year draws to a close, I would like to advise you of some changes in the organizational structure here in Division Office, and the rationale for those changes.

The 2012-2013 Continuous Improvement Plan outlines some very ambitious student achievement targets over the next five-year period.  Essentially, we are aiming to reduce the gap in the achievement of First Nations and Métis students, to improve our graduation rate by 10% and to ensure that 95% of students are reading and doing math at Grade level by 2017.

Progress towards these targets will require both collective effort and a strong focus on quality instruction in every classroom at all levels of our system.  More importantly, it will require us to have positive expectations of our students, regardless of their backgrounds and life circumstances.

To make progress on these goals, Regina Public Schools teachers, principals and other school-based personnel will require effective support and strong leadership.  To that end, the following changes are being made for the 2012-2013 school year:

  • We have added 16.5 new teacher assistants to our operating budget and our staffing complement for next year, bringing the total to 243 FTE division-wide.
  • $500,000.00 worth of leveled reading materials are being acquired.
  • Deputy Director Mike Walter will head up a new School Services Department and assume the responsibility for school operations, including teacher staffing.  He will be assisted by Superintendent, Bruce Baldwin, who additionally will have responsibility for developing and implementing a Leadership Development program for administrators.
  • Mr. Greg Enion will assume the position of Deputy Director, Student Achievement, and will oversee the work of four Superintendents of Achievement.  These four superintendents will continue to supervise and lead the current Instruction and School Services (ISS) teams.  They will add to their current portfolios responsibility for staff development and professional learning in one of four achievement target areas.  Accordingly:
  • Superintendent Morgan Reed is taking the lead on Early Learning and working with teachers Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3.
  • Superintendent Starla Nistor will lead and support our Grades 4 through 6 teachers.
  • Superintendent Luc Lerminiaux will be responsible for leadership support for teachers Grades 7, 8 and 9, and for meeting our targets around successful student transitions.
  • Superintendent Darren Boldt will work with our Grades 10, 11 and 12 teachers to focus on student engagement, retention, and graduation.

These changes have their roots in my observations, during my first year as the Director of Education at Regina Public Schools, that while we have many of the key ingredients necessary for student success, our efforts have not been as focused or as classroom-centred as they should be.

The school division has strong dedicated teachers, hard-working, enthusiastic principals, committed and skilled support staff, and a relatively well-resourced school system.  But our student results do not reflect this strength, and sheer number of initiatives, projects, and approaches underway have diffused our efforts and depleted our professional energy.

I believe that by being clear about what we are trying to achieve, by working to develop and support our instructional staff, and by monitoring our progress, we can make a difference for the students we serve.  The changes in personnel assignments noted above are based on that belief.

At the beginning of this year, when I introduced myself school division staff and to parents,  I shared my three core beliefs:

  • Kids are worth it.  (Every student is worthy of our Best Efforts)
  • Teaching Matters.  (Nothing affects students as much as the quality of the Instructional Process)
  • Leading is An Action Word.  (Those of us who work outside the classroom must actively and proactively support those who work inside them)

While my fundamental beliefs have not changed, my knowledge of our local challenges and my belief in our collective capacity to meet and overcome them have both increased exponentially. I am both humbled and proud on a daily basis to be this division’s educational leader.

For all Regina Public Schools staff, students, parents and community partners, please enjoy a well-deserved summer break while you relax with family and friends.

I look forward to the 2012-13 school year. Remember classes start on September 4, 2012.