From the new Director of Education's Desk

From the new Director of Education's Desk

I feel very privileged to be joining Regina Public Schools as your Director of Education. Having long admired this school division from afar, I now have the pleasure of working for the benefit of students as the administration team and school-based staff continue to build a high-performing school division that is focused on improving student outcomes. It is my sincere hope that students and employees alike will be encouraged and supported in achieving their personal best as members of this very special learning community.

Since taking on the role of Director of Education in August, I have had the chance to visit with most of the School Community Councils and quite a few parents, family and community members. Thank you for giving me your unique perspective into what is important for you, your children and your communities.

As some have asked, I can share a little bit of my background with you. I was born and raised in a small town in Newfoundland, where I eventually received my BA (Ed) at Memorial University. Some 20 years later, I attended UBC where I earned an M.Ed. (Educational Administration).

My 38 year career has already spanned three Canadian provinces, as I have previously worked in Newfoundland, Alberta, and most recently, British Columbia. Along the way, I have been a classroom teacher K through 12, an elementary principal, an Assistant Superintendent, and Superintendent of Schools (This is equivalent to Director of Education in Saskatchewan). I also worked for two years with the BC Ministry of Education as Superintendent Liaison in the Deputy Minister’s Office. I hope this varied experience will help me support all staff across our division as we focus on the complex but important work of improving student achievement.

If I could distill the things I’ve learned throughout my career as an educator, it would probably come down to these three things:

•  Kids are Worth It!  (Every student is worthy of our best efforts.)

•  Teaching Matters! (Nothing affects students as much as the quality of the instructional process.)

•  Leading is an ACTION word! (Those of us who work outside classrooms must actively and proactively support those who do.)

Already more than halfway through the 2011-12 School year, I invite you to reflect on the following:

Saskatchewan's future citizens will be the products of our public schools!

Regina Public Schools is responsible for creating equitable opportunities  now and successful futures later for 20,000 of these young citizens This means that every single student must be given every available chance to reach his or her full potential… in short to achieve their personal best! ! From what I have seen so far, Regina Public Schools employees are already doing a lot of the great work that towards that goal. We need the ongoing interest, support and participation of parents, grandparents, guardians and school communities  to achieve this goal!

As your Director of Education, I have been given the rare opportunity to lead an organization that has the ability to help students graduate as ready, capable and eager  contributors to their communities. I want to see the success of every student -regardless of their current life circumstances, their ethnicity, or their current achievement level. I want to see each and every one of our students happy to graduate – and happy because they have graduated.

I invite you, too, to help me provide the kind of leadership you expect from your public school division.  Please do so by sharing your ideas as to how your Board, your leadership team, and I, can  build for every student the kind of future they deserve. You can forward your input by email to me by following this link.

Best wishes to all Regina Public Schools students and families

Julie MacRae

Director of Education