Information about F.W. Johnson Collegiate

As of 2:40 P.M. October 27, 2016, the secure the building status of F.W. Johnson Collegiate was lifted.

School ended at the normal time and students were release to leave school after class dismissal.

Thank you for your understanding.

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F.W, Johnson Collegiate is currently secured and the school doors are locked.

All students and staff are safe, and as this is continuing over the lunch hour, arrangement were made to have students fed. An information message from Regina Public Schools was sent out to all F.W. Johnson parent and guardian telephone contacts.

More information will be shared once it is available.

This is information from the Regina Police Service.

A Regina High School, F. W. Johnson, at 400 Fines Drive, is currently in “Secure-the-Building” mode while police investigate a potential threat.  This possible threat came in the form of a comment made in a conversation and, although the comment was rather vague, it has to be taken seriously by school administration and police and must be investigated thoroughly.  Police were notified of this potential threat at about 10:15 a.m. today, October 27, 2016.

Police officers are at the High School, as other patrol officers are also headed to another location to speak to the parties in the conversation to determine whether or not the statements pose a credible threat or necessitate any further action.  The School will remain in “Secure-the-Building” mode until investigators have more information.

It is important to understand the terminology and actions taken by authorities. “Secure the Building”:  Is a situation where it is believed a threat is currently outside the building resulting in the decision to secure the school whereby all outside doors will be locked to secure the building. Each exterior door is to be monitored by designated school staff until Secure the Building mode has been lifted. Entry and exit of the building will be at the front doors only and are to be monitored by police and school administration. Regular interior school activities continue in a controlled manner.