Secure the Building Lifted!


The secure the building restriction on Balfour Collegiate was lifted this afternoon. Students are able to exit and enter the building as before and classes will be overy at the end of the school day.

A message with these details was sent to parents by telephone.


Morning Announcement - and background.

This morning, Regina Police Services and Regina Public Schools responded to an online threat that was received by the Balfour Collegiate school community. As a result, the school division secured the building at Balfour. This means that means that classes continue, but students and staff cannot enter or leave the building.

Students are safe, this is a precaution.

As students were not allowed to leave the school during the lunch hour, lunch was provided to those who had none.

Just before noon, a automated telephone message was sent out to all Balfour Collegiate parents and guardians informing them of the action.If you received a call, but no message, this is what that call was. It contained the same information as you are reading in this announcement.

Parents are asked not to call or go to the school. Students are safe and police are investigating.

More information will be shared, once it is available.