Stay safe, keep off the ice!

Beware of thin ice conditions.

Although the weather has been warmer than a typical November, ice is beginning to form on Regina’s water surfaces. Regina Fire & Protective Services advises residents to stay off ice surfaces including Wascana Lake and creek, storm channels, detention ponds and recreational lakes in residential areas.

Throughout the fall and winter season do not walk, ski or skate on the ice unless you have been informed it is safe and the area has been cleared for recreational use.
“We are early in the season and ice is barely forming on water bodies, but Regina Fire & Protective Services and Regina Police Service have already responded to calls involving children and adults going out on residential lakes,” said Angela Prawzick, Public Education Officer with the City’s Fire & Protective Services Department. “Now is the time for parents to talk with their children and tell them to stay off all ice surfaces.”

Adults should caution children that the ice is not safe for walking, skiing or skating. If you see people, particularly children, close to thin ice, call Regina Police Service at 306-777-6500.

It is also important to keep dogs on a leash when close to bodies of water. If your dog breaks through the ice, do not attempt to rescue it as you will be putting yourself in serious danger.

In an emergency involving people or pets, call 9-1-1.