Update for Parents at Connaught Community School

Before the holiday break, Regina Public Schools informed parents of Connaught Community School of  construction work that was required to a wall in a Grade 3 classroom.

Although we had hoped that this work would be completed over the holiday break, it is still ongoing. Thankfully, there is classroom space in the basement of that school and it will serve as temporary home for the Grade 3 class until construction work is completed.

Every effort is being made to have this work completed in an expeditious fashion.

The following points were shared with parents of Connaught Community School regarding the work that needed to be done:

  • The wall that requires repair is not a load bearing wall.
  • We continue to monitor the stability of the school’s structure and will inform parents, if there is any change.  
  • The classroom and area under construction has been blocked off and, as a worksite, is not accessible by students.
  • As always,  Regina Public Schools will ensure the ongoing safety of students and staff.
  • Work being done will be primarily in the area of the classroom where students hang up their coats.

Please watch this space for further updates.